Kadar Brock

Top 10 Artists Under 35 in 2014
ArtsyMolly Gottschalk
Untitled MiamiStand D24South Beach
, 12th Street and Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
1 – 7 December 2014


 “The most extraordinary moment of 2014, for me, was winning the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, which has been a longstanding dream of mine since my university days in London,” Richard Mosse, the 34-year-old photographer and filmmaker who tops this year’s list of most popular artists under 35, told Artsy. As with the rest of the artists below, whether selling out their first solo shows or stunning crowds with high auction prices, the 20- and 30-something lot of artists have garnered much attention in 2014, and the following names—hailing from New York, Brussels, Los Angeles, Cologne, and Taipei—reflect the artists, born post 1979, with the highest number of artist follows on Artsy this year.

10. Tauba Auerbach, New York, b. 1981

9. Harold Ancart, Brussels, b. 1980

8. Kadar Brock, Brooklyn, b. 1980

Kadar Brock, who recently compared abstraction to magic and spell-casting in an interview with Artsy, just debuted a new direction at Untitled Art Basel in Miami Beach: sculptures made with plaster and wooden plinths. Not to worry, though; his beloved reworked abstractions still abound, like the sanded and scraped canvases he displayed in Miami with Vigo Gallery at Untitled (all sold), the large-scale dust piece (among others) at Art Basel with Almine Rech, and the works headed for his solo exhibition with Vigo Gallery in January—promising to be one of the best shows to begin the year.

7. Sam Moyer, Brooklyn, b. 1983

6. Sam Falls, Los Angeles, b. 1984

5. Daniel Arsham, New York, b. 1980

4. Wu Chi-Tsung, Taipei, b. 1981

3. David Ostrowski, Cologne, b. 1981

2. Lucien Smith, New York, b. 1989

1. Richard Mosse, Berlin, b. 1980