Heywood & Condie

Unveil New Horticultural Art Installation at Connaught Village



A brand new art installation entitled Wild has arrived in Connaught Village. Created by the horticulturally influenced duo - Heywood & Condie - Wild is a garden installation commissioned by the Hyde Park Estate. The work is currently on display in the window of 9 Porchester Place and is free for the public to view.


James Parker – Commercial Real Estate, at the Church Commissioners comments: We are delighted to be working alongside Heywood & Condie in bringing forward a new and exciting ‘living’ installation for the public to enjoy. ‘Wild’ is the latest installation in Connaught Village to be commissioned by the Church Commissioners and follows on from the recent successes of ‘Wavelengths’ and the ‘Tree of Love Hope and Joy’ in enhancing the public realm.

In a celebration of Spring, Wild highlights how accustomed we are to encountering nature and landscape as highly airbrushed and often glamourised fantasy spectacles due to our increasingly screen based experience of nature. With this in mind Heywood & Condie draw on the contemporary experience of screen-based media and gaming graphics to present Wild as a hybrid installation that fuses the living and artificial as a new garden form for 2021.

The work takes its inspiration from multiple sources including the wild tumbling rockscapes of the Yorkshire Dales and the stylised Chinese scholar’s rocks of the Song Dynasty period. Within Wild we can see large scale flat imaginings of the scholar’s rocks which are reworked in a cartoon-like Pop aesthetic of the 1960s.


How best to represent nature and wilderness in the context of the garden, has been a constant source of debate over the centuries and in the 18 th century, the notion of the picturesque developed. Through the glass screen of the shop front, Wild deliberately separates off the spectator to continue that aesthetic debate and much like the picturesque movement, Wild is another fantasy vision of nature.


Tony Heywood and Alison Condie said After spending years creating real gardens and immersing ourselves in nature, we realised how many of us increasingly encounter it only on our screens. So this is a sort of upscaled hybrid garden with a digital computer gaming feel - and we think it looks a bit like a fish tank!”


Other works by Tony Heywood and Alison Condie focus too on horticultural installations that encompass nature and landscape, using genres such as land art, sculpture, painting, video and even live performance. Their works have been shown both nationally and internationally and vary in scale from large-scale public commissions covering many acres to smaller gallery-based work including micro landscapes in petri dishes.


For further information and images please contact Caitlin Folwell or Jess Young at Sister London c aitlin.folwell@sisterlondon.com / jessica.young@sisterlondon.com / 0207 287 9601


About Connaught Village

Connaught Village is the Hyde Park Estate's luxury retail quarter; an oasis of calm, near Hyde Park and a short walk from Marble Arch and Oxford Street. A rich blend of architectural heritage and exclusive green squares, Connaught Village is a leafy haven in the heart of the West End. A truly sophisticated district of London, Connaught Village combines luxurious living with timeless elegance.


About Heywood & Condie
Heywood and Condie are represented by Vigo Gallery, London and are Fellows of the Royal Society of Sculptors. Tony Heywood was also a professor of Landscape Art at Vienna University of the Arts. The pair describe their work as 'horticultural installation art' and their area of interest principally concerns new ways of engaging with and representing landscape and nature. The combination of Heywood’s background in horticulture and anthropology and Condie’s in botany and zoology has resulted in the formulation of a unique series of art works, which are often hard to classify.