About the artist


“Genesis Rags” are made from salvaged, torn up sheets and pillowcases, artist paint rags that had been used as part of a practical process of making for many years. They are washed, ironed and primed and then intricately sewn together nine at a time. Nine is a number have many connotations: love, completeness, and enlightenment amongst others.


The “Genesis Rag” series plays with the incidental and accidental beauty obtained from a by-product of a creative process. Each panel demonstrates its different wear and tear, wrinkles of age and wisdom. Placing them into a new context for analysis and reconsideration, re-contextualizes them by offering possibilities for metamorphosis and a something new out of something old and discarded They harness the energy of their previous use and like alchemy transmute a base product into something worthy of contemplation. Each grouping of rags have different emotional content for the artists’ and thoughts of celebration, remembrance contain emotional gravity for them whilst those same rags and others then can be used purely for the colour and contrast they allow them to play with in making these abstract colour compositions.

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