Ibrahim El-Salahi

The 20 Best Booths at The Armory Show
ArtsyAlexxa Gotthardt
The Armory Show NYFocus: African Perspectives, Booth #631Piers 92-94, 711 12th Avenue, New York, NY 10019, USA
3 – 6 March 2016


This luminous booth boasts a mini-survey of 85-year-old Sudanese artist Ibrahim El Salahi’s storied body of work. Intimate 1960s drawings, which bear the marks of his itinerant early life between London and Sudan, join haunting 1980s ink-on-paper works made after his imprisonment by the Sudanese government in 1975. The masterwork of the booth is also the most recent. Across 121 inches, Reborn Sounds of Childhood Dreams III (2015) shows El Salahi at his best, expertly fusing a modernist visual language, African and Middle Eastern symbology, and the sinuous simplicity of calligraphy.